Dispelling Myth About Soy & Soy Skincare

This day and age it seems that there are some people that are engrossed in myths and non-factual information about soy and soy skincare.
Misinformed consumer have stated to me personally that soy is bad for you therefore soy skincare is bad for you also.

Both of these statements are not only uneducated but very untrue!

I would like to address some issues that may help you understand the myth that surrounds the soybean and assist you in discerning the actual truth by using a common sense approach.

Consider this information:
Some consumers base their lives on the heresay for today – such as “The egg is bad for you and they believe it so they stop eating eggs and then tomorrow the news says eggs are GREAT for your health and then they change their ways again and down a whole dozen of eggsfor breakfast!
These people make decisions on what is called convient for the times news, instead of doing some actual fact finding and using their own common sense! So what is it eggs are bad for you or are they GREAT for you? wishy washy news!!!!!!!

Most consumers buy lotion, etc. such as Aveeno, etc. and guess what YES AVEENO USES SOYBEANS IN THERE PRODUCTA -dangerous soy skincare? No it is not.

Another fact, China is the largest grower and soy based manufacturer in the world – based upon myths going around about the dangers of soy, the people in that country would be killed off, be sick all the time and all the men would be impotent etc.

China has the highest population in the world, so apparently soy has not did them in. – Just common sense here!
Test your knowledge about the Benefits of Soy Skincare … Did you know the following????????

1. Soy has a tremendous antioxidant property that reduces oxidative damage that is caused by harmful free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that attack molecules by capturing electrons and thus modifying unhealthy chemical structures.
2. When combined with complimenting ingredients such as shea butter, soy based products provide the skin with an astonishing moisturization.
3. Soy proteins are rich in amino acids, vitamin E which aids in maintaining skin elasticity and can help lighten dark spots and even out skin tone.
4. Soy is an incredible source of important nutrients providing the necessary ingredients to build protein in the body and is also rich in isoflavones which have estrogen-like properties which diminishes dryness, smoothes texture, improves radiance and firming.
5. Soy also contains nutrients such as lecithin that are beneficial in repairing the skin, renew collagen production making skin soft and flexible. Soy lipids help to regenerate damaged tissue and promote quick regeneration of the skin cells for healthy skin healing.
6. Presence of the compound called genistein is in soy, which helps in lowering the creation of keratin. Keratin is a protein present in the skin and related to the problems such as Dermatitis, Eczema, and Psoriasis (a skin disorder marked by red scaly smears).
7. We all have experience weather issues such as dry, heat, cold, sunburn that are always a constant concern, remember that soy is also a great barrier protector against all of those harsh elements that wreak havoc on your skin.
8. Here is one of the untruths and myths about the soybean that we would like to clear up! SOY SPACASSO has done extensive research and so has the American Heart Association in regards to the omega 6 fatty acids.
The findings: The American Heart Association (AHA) concludes that omega-6 fatty acids may decrease risk for heart disease, when part of a healthy eating plan. Omega-6s are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids naturally-occurring in soybean oil, nuts and seeds. These fact findings dispel debate that omega-6s may cause inflammation leading to heart disease, the nation’s number one killer.

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