The SOY SPACASSO Brand Ambassador Program is a sophisticated and fun position. It is a no pressure team, but is focused on brand loyalty and serious commitment. 

Brand Ambassador Program is behind the helm of growth in getting the SOY SPACASSO name recognition out in the public and give the Brand Ambassadors the education and tools to stay in the loop with all the latest release of products, motivating marketing ideas, promotes team competition with fabulous product prizes, and much more.  

To be a valued SOY SPACASSO Brand Ambassador you MUST:

1.    Be 100% dedicated to the SOY SPACASSO company/brand  and be ready, willing and able to commit to the promotion of the company            brand thru websites, social media, events, parties, etc.
2.    Be creative, energetic, friendly, have time management skills and very good in personally assisting others
3.    Be able to educate the client/customer on the benefits of the SOY SPACASSO organic soy based product line.
4.    Actively demonstrate the product lines by inviting client/customer to indulge in sampling the product. 
5.    Consistently and professionally utilize personal sales techniques and etiquette to lead client/customer to make purchase.
6.    Be able to create a buzz, interest and excitement about the  SOY SPACASSO Brand and product lines. 
7.    The Brand Ambassador position is 100% commission based, so there is no pressure of filling a quota.  You should be experienced in                  commission sales.  You will earn 25% commission on every order from your client base. 
8.    As a SOY SPACASSO Brand Ambassador, YOU have the power over your earning potential, as it is based upon your personal
       success in sales

9.     To start position, Brand Ambassador can choose to purchase  sample size products from SOY SPACASSO website  or choose to start with         1 of the 3 kits available: $40-$100.

10.   The Brand Ambassador position is an Independent Contractor so you are in fact your own boss and in charge of your own business with           the added BONUS that you get 25% off of all your personal orders AFTER first $100.00 worth of sales.

11.  Brand Ambassador gets their OWN "SPACASSOLICIOUS" e-Boutique After $200.00 worth of sales."

12.  Brand Ambassadors represent SOY SPACASSO at events, plan/host product parties, sales/marketing, product distribution channel                    placement or sale via individual sale, placement in an establishment such as a spa, salon, boutique, or specialty store.  

If the SOY SPACASSO Brand Ambassador Position is a perfect fit for your personality and commitment,  please contact Brand Ambassador Program via the SOY SPACASSO Brand Ambassador Position Form below.  We will contact you, discuss position, answer questions, and give you details and help you get on your way to BIG earning potential!