D. Alexander Luttrell

D. Alexander Luttrell is the is the guru behind the overall business goals and a key in the due diligence of product creation and packaging.  With a background in finance and tax law, he assists the CFO in maintaining the financials of the company.   Studying in Europe, D. Alexander's vast knowledge has poised our company to be able to market to an organic skincare clientele.   


I love skincare and bright colors!  And inspired by the works of Picasso,  what better medium I have - Your body is my canvas! 


                 Matthew Murphy

               Matthew J. Murphy brings his extensive years of  managing a                      successful ecommerce business to the SOY SPACASSO team.                      Poised with a degree in Mathematics and experience using                          small business accounting platforms, Matthew has the perfect                    position as the SOY SPACASSO CFO managing the company's                      day to day accounting, financial  and purchasing operations.                        Matt also brings an added benefit of IT guru with another                            degree in Computer Science.



Our mission is simple: To provide luxurious and high quality product lines and practice the utmost commitment of service to our appreciated customers and clientele.


       Maria  Murphy

​As the founder of SOY SPACASSO, Maria A. Murphy has been the creative force, chief developer and marketing strategist of the sophisticated  organic soy based spa-quality product line free from harsh and dangerous chemicals that effect your body and environment.   Finding the organic soybean to be a best friend, her creative moisture packed formulas provide antioxidants, vitamins A/E, collagen enhancing properties and skin healing benefits to your skin, hair, and nails.